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Our partners

Our role as TPM

Independently undertake the commercial development for fund management firms

  • Take exclusive charge of the marketing of these companies and the promotion of their products and management capabilities for a specific geographical region.
  • The geographical coverage of our Association’s TPMs goes beyond the French borders with an exposure to all of Europe (Benelux, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain …) but also in North Africa, the Middle East, and North America.

The advantage of using AFTPM members

  • Alignment of the objectives and interests of the fund management firms and their TPMS, as both aim to increase assets
  • Deployment of an autonomous commercial development
  • Outside strategic advice, particularly for the management of the product line
  • A more refined and pertinent marketing than non-targeted emailing
  • Our members generally have front office experience (with investment banks, fund management firms, insurance companies) which makes them more reactive and proficient than a classic distribution network

The AFTPM is a guarantee of quality

Our Association is one of the largest professional groups of TPM in the world. Our members have raised more than €11 billion for their clients

  • The AFTPM proposes a code of conduct which is signed by all its members
  • This code of conduct is a reference for fund management firms who often included in their contract with the TPM
  • The quality of our relations with the fund management firms is made possible thanks to in-depth knowledge and discussions
  • Our relationship with investors is based on confidence and transparency
  • Our longstanding and detailed knowledge of our contacts and our markets makes us very effective
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