The French Third Party Marketing Association (AFTPM) was founded in 2007

The AFTPM brings together a number of companies dedicated to the commercial development of fund management companies. Well known in the world of asset management, the Association has as its objectives :

  • To promote the independent profession of Third Party Marketer
  • To represent its members with the financial market regulatory authorities
    as well as with the finance industries’ professional associations, in France
    as well as abroad
  • To promote the Code of Conduct and proper behaviour in the exercising of the profession of TPM
  • To defend the activity of independent marketers of financial products if necessary
  • To offer its members training concerning various regulatory, fiscal, and legal issues which affect the marketing of fund management products in general and the profession of TPM in particular
  • To be a platform for exchange between members

What is a TPM

The TPM proposes a service of outsourced marketing and development to fund management firms and

  • Independently aids the commercial development of fund management firms
  • Undertakes the marketing and promotion of these firms and their products
  • It exercises this profession only with qualified professional investors
  • Brings to fund management firms, through being close to professional investors, a solid analysis and understanding of these investors’ needs

  • The TPM is paid exclusively by the fund management firm, they are not financial advisors.


Third party marketing members

Fund management firms represented

Billion euros
raised by the members


The AFTPM is a non-profit organisation overseen by the 1st of July, 1901 law and it is financed exclusively by its members annual dues.
Its AGM occurs once a year in early January. The members meet quarterly. These meetings are occasions to discuss our profession and the regulatory and technical environment of our clients and the markets. Training sessions conducted by external experts take place twice a year. Members of the Association can share issues they may have with the Executive Committee who will then either deal with it or if necessary share it with all the members of the Association in order to have a common vision.


Président : Frédéric Smith
+33 (0)1 78 09 54 13 /

Vice President : Roger NIZARD
+ 33 (0)7 61 17 83 44 /

Treasurer : Frédéric STOULS
+33 (0)6 16 18 16 16 /

Eric Charbonnier
+33 (0)6 10 15 32 75 /

Guillaume de Charry
+33 (0)6 85 07 49 22 /

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