The AFTPM has been created in 2007, as an association. It aims to promote the independent exercise of the profession of Third Party Marketer : TPM.
The AFTPM brings together several teams of experienced and recognized professionals in the world of the Asset Management.

The activity of TPM : where and how the asset management companies externalized their marketing and sales development
Each TPM:

  • Provides the commercial development of asset management companies
  • Supports the marketing, customer service, and sales promotion of these companies and their funds on an exclusive basis for a defined geographic area.
  • Is paid exclusively by its Asset Management Companies.

TPM is a registered trademark reserved for members of the Association.
The mission of the TPM is done for asset management companies, and involves only Qualified Investors.

A professional liability Insurance :
The AFTPM has negotiated for all its members a dedicated Insurance. It allows for each of them to work in total serenity.

Its Code of Ethics :
The AFTPM has defined a Code of Ethics. Activity is carried out under a written mandate, with and for the benefit of Asset Management Companies, in the interest of Investors, with transparent and honest practices as required of all participants related to Asset Management.


Some figures :
23 TPM
74 Asset Managers represented

  • 29 AM managing over € 1 Bn of AUM
  • 45 AM managing less than € 1Bn of AUM

Representing a total of € 850 Bn of AUM

Nearly € 11bn Nets Sales raised by AFTPM members (as of 30th June 2018)